About Us

ZK Park is a commercial real estate company based in a premier location in Croydon. Located in Croydon’s main industrial and out of town retail area.

We lease units in Croydon with sizes ranging from 1,000 to over 15,000 Sq Ft.
These units can be used as warehouses, corporate headquarters, offices, production etc with parking for the leaseholders and their employees and plenty of room for deliveries, including a large turning circle for Large Articulated Lorries.

We are currently the headquarters to a range of businesses, these include, Food Preparation and distribution, Video Game Wholesaler and Distribution, Luxury Car Storage, Car Cleaners, Property Maintenance etc.

For security, you can only access ZK Park through a single gated entrance that will automatically close at a predetermined time. There is also 24-hour CCTV to monitor who is coming into and out of ZK Park.

These spaces can be customised to the leaseholder’s personal needs.

Our tenant’s all have the knowledge that they have a dedicated team they can contact regarding the until should they ever have a query.

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